Belfast City Summer Festival:
Late May-June: includes events from local parades to major concerts, including the Lord Mayor’s Show.

Belfast Carnival Parades:
Procession of entertainers in carnival costumes.

Promenade Concerts:
Themed classical music concerts taking place in June. Information can be obtained from the Ulster Orchestra ticket office (028/9066-8798).

The Belfast Folk Festival:
Has broad-ranging traditional and contemporary music and dance events on weekends during the summer months.

Orange Marches:
A popular summer vacation time for restaurants and nightspots. The City takes a break for two weeks during this marching season.

Ardoyne Festival:
Three days of open-air concerts and community events in north Belfast.

FĂ©ile an Phoball:
During the first 2 weeks of August: includes street parties, concerts, Irish language events, and a carnival parade.

Belfast Festival At Queen’s University:
Lasts three weeks each November, is the city’s major arts festival. For information, contact the Festival Office 25 College Gardens, BT9, 028/9066-6321